Which cloth diaper is the trimmest?

Cloth diapers are known for being a little bulkier than disposables – at least when you’re comparing DRY diapers.  Wet disposables blow up like a balloon and out-bulk ANY cloth diaper I’ve ever seen!  Most of the time, I don’t mind the cloth bubble-but and think it’s kinda cute, but every once in a while I want to put my daughter in some jeans or yoga pants, and a trimmer cloth diaper makes it so much easier to pull her pants up. 

So, which cloth diaper is the trimmest?  Here’s my list of winners:

1. Babykicks one-size Bumboo pocket diaper. 

Bumboo Pocket Diaper

This one-size pocket diaper is super trim for two reasons.  First, the insert that comes with it is hemp, which is more absorbent than cotton, as well as being less “fluffy” than microfiber.  Second, instead of having the inside of the diaper made of something like polyester fleece or suedecloth, which contributes bulk but no absorbency, the inner is actually made of soft bamboo fleece, which is also more absorbent than cotton.  Bamboo absorbs more quickly than hemp too, so layered together like this you get a VERY trim, VERY absorbent diaper. 

2. BumGenius Organic One-Size All-in-one. 

BumGenius Elemental one-size organic diaper

The absorbency in this diaper comes from tightly knit, super soft cotton, which is less “fluffy” and therefore less bulky than diapers made out of microfiber.  I gave this one second place, because as an all-in-one, you can’t just use a smaller insert for a smaller baby as you could for the Bumboo pocket. 

Honorable Mention: Bamboozle fitted diapers. 

Bamboozle fitted diaper

I wanted to have at least one diaper that can be used with a separate cover in here, and I will say that of all the fitteds I’ve used, Bamboozle takes the cake.  I think the fact that less fabric is used because bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, plus the snap-in soaker adds absorbency only where it’s needed.  Pair this diaper with a Bummis Superbrite cover and you’ve got one trim diaper system!

Have a cloth diaper question you want answered?  Comment or email and your question may be featured in a future blog post!


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