Friday Giveaway

There are so many cool natural baby products out there that I am constantly running into, I’ve decided to try to start doing Friday giveaways of the neat things I find.  I say “try” because with three kiddos and one on the way, sometimes the days get away from me.  This week’s giveaway is for a pair of Scratch-me-nots. 

Ever tried to get a newborn to keep their little mittens on?  It’s almost as hard as keeping their socks on!  And try telling a toddler with eczema (or chickenpox) not to scratch!  That’s why I was so excited to see these Scratch-Me-Nots. (retail price $16.95)  Each SMN is a sleevelet made to be put on a baby, with fold-over mittens to keep sharp nails away from delicate skin.  They’re impossible for a baby to shake off, and for our Texas heat you can layer them over a onesie instead of having to resort to full-body sleepers with foldover hands. 

My personal favorite part?  They’re made with a heavenly cotton/bamboo blend, and the mitten parts are pure silk!  I have a weakness for natural fibers, especially silk, so I’m going to love dressing our new baby due in January in these.  For today’s giveaway I have two pairs of 3-month size Scratch Me Nots, one pink and one blue.  Comment to enter, and be sure to tell me if you want pink or blue.  Next Friday we’ll randomly pick numbers and post the winners!  One regular entry is allowed per person, but you can get extra entries by posting this link to your Facebook page or personal blog – just leave a comment with the link.  Good luck!

Want more info about Scratch Me Not’s?  Head on over to


6 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway

  1. Just wanted to say that I visited the store yesterday for the first time and am thrilled to have found you. Thanks for spending so much time with me and helping me out on this brand new journey. Your prices are just as low as any other and I know it is going into caring hands. Your passion for motherhood and cloth diapers is beautiful. The scratch me knots are awesome and we will be adding it to our wish list. The archives listed here are great… Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mandy says:

    Saw these items in your store today and they are fantastic! I would choose pink for our new little one. Thanks for all your work and for being so helpful!

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