Friday Giveaway: Formula Earth Gift Basket

This week we have a gift basket from Formula Earth to give away.  To enter, leave a comment answering this question:

If only one personal care product or cleaning product in your house could be natural/toxin free, what would it be and why?  (For example, mine would be a toss up between bodywash and floor cleaner.  Bodywash because I put it all over my skin and I”m concerned about absorbing chemicals, and floor cleaner because  my kids are always on the floor, so I want to make sure they’re safe.) 

You can get extra entries by posting a link to our giveaway on Facebook or your personal blog, just comment with the link. 

So what’s in the gift basket?

1 oz Baby Booty Balm (*contains zinc oxide, so if you are concerned about staining please use a liner when using the Booty Balm with your cloth diapers.)

2 oz. Beautiful Body Balm to diminish stretch marks and scars

Colic Massage Oil for infants, just massage into baby’s stomach or soles of feet

8 oz Healing Synergy Bath made from Dead Sea Salts and essential oils, fights infections and germs while soothing and relaxing

4 oz All Purpose Disinfectant Spray.  This is my FAVORITE – a nontoxic, chemical free formula that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, can be used for fabrics, surfaces, or air.  With kids around, I do occasionally need to disinfect things, but I don’t like using bleach or harsh chemicals.  This is the first product I have found that allows me disinfect things, naturally. 

We will randomly pick a winner and post the results next Friday.  Thanks for entering!


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