Friday Giveaway: Bottombumpers diaper

First of all, congratulations to Amanda for winning the Formula Earth gift basket from last week. 

This week our giveaway is for a brand-new product: Bottombumpers one-size all-in-one.  These retail for $23.95 and are a side-snapping AIO with organic cotton and bamboo velour inner.  You can see them here:

To get your chance to win one of these diapers before they are even available to purchase through Babies Bottoms and More, leave a comment telling me what one item from our store you’ve been wanting to try and wish we would do a giveaway for. 

One different twist this week than last week, we will only be doing this giveaway if we get at least 15 entries.  Last week there were only a handful of people who entered the giveaway, and while the odds were great for the winner, it wasn’t as much fun for us. 😦 So please, tell your friends about this week’s giveaway!


24 thoughts on “Friday Giveaway: Bottombumpers diaper

  1. Amanda Aynes says:

    I would love to try a Gro-via AIO. I am very new to cloth diapers and this looks super simply! I would like to see this in a giveaway.

    Posting on my facebook also. hopefully I can get some people to enter.

      • Amanda Aynes says:

        I did see that I won it. Very excited… I am really busy the next few weeks so I think I can come by October 9th for it. Thank you so much. I hope you still have the diaper in stock so I can see it then 🙂 See you soon.

  2. Angel says:

    I am excited to get to try out the Bum Genius Flip Organic diapers once my nephew arrives. My brother and sister in law are going to be using them. Also shared this on my facebook. 🙂

  3. The recent cloth wipe blogg inspired me to try them out. You had given me a sample of the Sheepish Grins Soapy Wafers and two handmade wipes weeks earlier. It was wonderful having just enough supplies to try something new before making an investment. Turns out that we are loving the change and the products. I really liked having a sample of the wipe solution and the wipes. It was the perfect contribution that has delivered our family another solution to eliminating paper products. We are trying to do our part to eliminate throw away consumption and the cloth wipes are another small step. Every little change adds up significantly. I personally would love to see the Diva cup as a give away for Mommies health and it is perfectly fits in the paperless plan.

  4. Julie Billmeier says:

    I was looking around on your site for something new and noticed the Flip diapers. Not sure if they are actually new or if I hadn’t noticed them before, but I would like to try those!

  5. Meili Corbin says:

    I would love to try out the Bum Genius Elemental. I have heard great things about them! (ie – NO LEAKING! – a big plus for my guy who is a leaker)

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