What About Wool?

The most common material for diaper covers is PUL, or polyurethane laminate, a durable, waterproof fabric.  However, second in popularity is wool.  Wool, you say?  How is wool waterproof?  Why would anyone want to use wool? 

Well, for starters, wool is a natural fiber and fully biodegradable, so it has a smaller ecological footprint than either PUL or fleece (another popular cover fabric).   Here are some more Q and A’s about wool, courtesy of the mama behind  http://hyenacart.com/mizknits

Q. So how often does wool need to be washed?

A. Wool needs to be washed about every 2ish weeks, more if you get poo on them or if the diaper under them has stink issues.

Q. Is it hard to care for? You lanolize it first, right? It sounds complicated, but I’m sure it’s not.

A. They are very easy to care for, hand wash in luke warm water, gently squish some baby shampoo through them or wool wash. Then soak in a bowl or sink with warm water and lanolin (melt lanolin in water in a coffee cup or something microwaveable before adding to bowl or sink), squeeze water out, lay flat on a towel to dry.   If you’re using lanolin spray, then you would spray it on after washing and rinsing, and massage into the wool.

Q.  How many wool covers would I need if I were to just use them at night? (Wool comes highly recommended as a nighttime cover both because of how well it works and how breathable it is.)

A. I would get 2 wool covers if using just at night so you have a back up when one has been washed and is drying.

Q.  My baby gets really hot, would wool make it worse?

A. Wool is VERY breathable, so it will actually keep him/her cooler at night.   As long as you have enough absorbancy underneath wool should work well.
Q. I’m guessing Longies are wool, just in a pants version and you can you use them to cover a diaper? Do they get wet?

A. Longies are wool just in pants version. and you can use them to cover a diaper. They get damp on the inside just turn inside out to dry after changing the diaper, occasionally they feel damp on the outside but not wet, its like they feel cool to the touch, like they could be damp.. but not quite.. its hard to explain.

Take a look at our Imse Vimse wool cover here: http://babiesbottomsandmore.com/imse-vimse-wool-wrap-cover.html


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