New Breastfeeding Products!

We are happy to announce that Babies Bottoms and More has officially expanded our selection of breastfeeding supplies!  While at the ABC show in Las Vegas this past October, Candis and I (Elisa) spent three days in the biggest convention center we had ever seen, looking for the best breastfeeding products out there.  Which wasn’t hard – we just asked ourselves which products we thought would make OUR lives easier as nursing moms.  Here are some of our new products in stock. (Currently in-store but not yet on the website.)

Bravado Nursing Bras – designed specifically to be both practical AND attractive, Bravado is at the forefront of nursing bra design.  We are currently carrying their Original Nursing Bra  and the Microfiber Nursing Bra in all sizes.  We even have a dressing area in the store now where you can come during the week and try them on to find out exactly what size fits you best. 

Bebe au Lait nursing covers – You asked for these, and we listened!  Available in 16 hip prints, the Bebe au Lait covers feature a stiff neck opening that holds itself away from your body, so you can see your baby and your baby can see you, while still covering you from strangers’ view.  I’m excited about trying mine out at my sister’s wedding, just 10 days after my due date in January.

Lansinoh – I have used their milk storage bags, lanolin, and breast pads for years, so we’re happy to be able to offer these products to our customers.  Currently we have the Lansinoh Affinity double electric breast pump and the breastmilk storage bags in stock.  At around $150, the Lansinoh pump costs significantly less than the $350 for a Medela double electric pump.

My Brest Friend – At the ABC show, Candis and I got a chance to “try on” the My Brest Friend nursing pillow and nursing footstool.  We were hooked!  I’ll never use a Boppy again – and when I got home and checked online reviews, My Brest Friend consistently got the best reviews of any nursing pillow on the market.  Their nursing stool is great too – it’s an angled wooden stool to hold your feet in the most comfortable nursing position, but when your baby is weaned the angled top lays flat and it becomes a step stool, perfect for a toddler who can’t quite reach the bathroom sink!

Do you have another favorite nursing product?  Share it with us in the comments and if we start carrying it, we’ll give the first person who suggested it a free one (or $25 off, whichever is less).


4 thoughts on “New Breastfeeding Products!

  1. Nikki says:

    I would recommend these three things to any breatfeeding mom:

    The crossover nursing tank from Gap (on sale online right now!) is sooo comfy and convenient.

    The new Charlie Banana nursing pads are great… they come in black!

    The Spanx All-Hosiery bra is a great sleep/nursing bra. It’s not a raditional nursing bra, but no underwires, no claps, soft cups, and it’s easy to just tuck the cup under to nurse. Hands down my favorite bra EVER.

  2. Amanda says:

    As a mother to a premie my daughter had a hard time sucking at first. I had to use nipple shields to help her learn. I highly recommend the Avent nipple shields. They helped her learn and we used them less than 1 month.

  3. Julie says:

    My little girl had problems nursing at first as well, so I was having to pump every time I nursed her. The hands free nursing bra from Simple Wishes was a life saver! (as was the nipple shield mentioned above!)

    I also really like the nursing pads I bought in your store a couple of months ago (can’t remember the name of them off the top of my head…).

    And the Bravado Bliss nursing bra is the best!

  4. I have been using the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump and love it. They are an automatic double pumping system with different flange sizes available and cost aroung $150.00. Also, if women get a perscription from their doctor then they don’t have to pay sales tax in Texas. I ended up saving nearly twenty dollars and my doctor just faxed it to the retailer.

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