So, Elisa, what’s YOUR baby wearing?

I get a lot of questions about what kind of cloth diaper is my favorite, what do we use for our own children. And now with our newest baby’s arrival immanent (well, anytime in the next two weeks, the midwife said), I thought I’d answer that question here on the blog.

Our preschool age son, who is in underwear during the day but needs something at night still, wears Happy Heiny Pocket Trainers. I like the ones with snaps on both sides – they are easier to stuff and unstuff. We stuff them with either 1 toddler size Babykicks hemp prefold topped with 1 microfiber insert, or 1-2 Thirsties (or other brand) hemp inserts plus 1 Tiny Tush cotton insert plus 1 microfiber insert. I layer them so the microfiber is closest to his skin, the cotton in the middle, and the hemp furthest away, so the faster-absorbing fabrics get hit with the wetness first, giving the slower-absorbing fabrics time to do their thing.

Our two year old has been our tester for trying out everything in the store, so she has a little bit of everything. She’s got several Mommys Touch one-size pocket diapers, a Thirsties duo diaper, a SoftBums, some BumGenius Elemental AIO’s and some Bummis Easy Fit AIO’s.

For the new baby, once he’s big enough to fit in one-size diapers (about 10 lbs) we’ll use half BumGenius Elementals (one-size organic all-in-one’s) and half Bummis Easy Fit. I like the BG because they are all natural fibers, they have snaps (kids can’t take them off as easily as velcro), and are SUPER trim. I like the Easy Fits because they have nice, bright colors and great prints, their velcro is super strong, and they have a pocket opening in the back in case I ever want to add an insert. We decided to go with all-in-one’s (AIO’s) because with THREE kids in some kind of diapers, the stuffing of the pockets was getting to be a bit too much. AIO’s need no stuffing and are ready to go straight out of the dryer.

What about the newborn stage, though? We’ll be using 12 BumGenius deluxe AIO’s (fit 6-12 lbs) and 24 infant prefolds (7-12 lbs) plus some covers. This is 36 diapers total, a little more than our recommended minimum of 24 for a newborn, but we use the prefolds interchangeably as burp cloths so I’ll appreciate having the extra. I actually like prefolds for newborns; you are changing them so much anyway and it’s pretty easy to get the hang of a snappi.


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