News You Can Use: Dry Skin and Baby Rash Tips

 The following article is from our friends over at Rockin’ Green, another Texas-based mom-run company.  I use their Hard Rock Formula for my diapers (and all my laundry, actually) and we have had NO AMMONIA PROBLEMS since switching to Hard Rock.  Click the link to order your own!

Baby dry skin or rashes are no fun at all! You just want to make your baby feel better and get rid of those painful rashes! Here are some tips from the Rockin’ Green team for preventing dry skin and rashes, as well as what to do when problems arise:

· Bathe your children every other day (vs. daily) in the winter (unless they get really dirty of course) to prevent drying out their skin.

· When bathing – try lukewarm water – the heat can make skin drier.

· Use a cream/balm for dry skin after the bath. Try Delish Naturals or CJ’s bum butter.

· If you are a cloth diaperer or just have a baby with sensitive skin – wash all diapers and clothing in Rockin’ Green – it’s gentle on baby’s skin. It’s one of the reasons we invented it. Trust us.

· Use a humidifier in your baby’s room or in a few rooms of the house to create moisture.

· Always change a baby when they are wet (especially during a rash outbreak), as infrequent changes can be the culprit of diaper rashes.

· Rashes can also be caused by sensitivity to perfumes or chemicals (disposable diapers, wipes, fabrics) – so try switching products to something more natural and fresh

· If the rash doesn’t go away – always see a doctor. Many things like yeast, require special treatments.

· If you need to use a more intense diaper rash ointment, first put it on your baby’s bum and then cover it with a cut up piece of fleece. It will protect your precious diapers and allow your little’s ones bottom to heal.

· Air is really good for curing rashes so let your kids run around naked for a bit to let the rash get some air circulation. And remember, Rockin’ Green works on carpets too! (hehe)


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