Cloth Diapering a Newborn

With three weeks of trying out lots of different newborn diapers on John Paul under my belt, I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered about various newborn diapers!  Here is a list of what we’ve tried and how we liked them. 

Thirsties Duo Wrap over Infant Prefold on a 7 lb baby

Infant prefold (with snappi) + cover.  This is about 2/3 of our newborn stash.  We picked the infant prefold (7-15 lbs) instead of the newborn prefold (5-10 lbs) because we were expecting him to be at least 7 lbs (he was 7 lbs 13 oz) and because I would gladly trade trimness for absorbency at this point, and the infant prefolds are more absorbent than the newborn ones.  We’re using a mix of Thirsties XS covers (6-12 lbs) and Thirsties Duo Wraps (size 1, 6-18lbs).  I don’t notice any difference at this point between the two, although the Duo Wraps will fit him even after he outgrows the XS.  One thing I do notice is that I reach for the velcro ones first over the snap closures, because he HATES my cold hands touching him so with the velcro I can keep my cold hands away from his skin more.

You can get infant prefolds, snappis, and Thirsties Duo Wraps by clicking on the following links to our store:

At night, or when we expect him to be sleeping for a while, I’ll add a GroVia booster, folded down to make it shorter, or a Tiny Tush Deluxe Wipe folded in thirds to the prefold to boost absorbency.  The Deluxe wipes are two layers of thick cotton fleece, which makes them almost as thick as a booster/doubler, but they’re tiny enough to fit in his little diapers. 

Pick up your boosters and/or Tiny Tush Deluxe Wipes with these two links to our store:

Also for nighttime I’ve tried the SoftBums Echo diaper and have been extremely pleased that it really does fit a newborn just like they say.  Finally, on the high-absorbency front, we have a Babykicks hemp prefold (infant size, green edges) that we really like. 

Read more about or purchase the SoftBums system here and the Babykicks hemp prefolds here

Rumparooz Lil Joey - our favorite newborn AIO

For daytime, especially when we’re out and about, I like the all-in-one’s we have.  If you’re in a small space like a public restroom changing table, I think it’s a lot easier to velcro or snap on an AIO instead of folding a prefold, getting the snappi, and then putting on the cover.  The two AIO’s we have in our stash are the BumGenius Newborn ( and the Rumparooz Lil Joey’s ( 

The BumGenius are a little bit less expensive at $12.95, but in my opinion the Lil Joey’s ($29.95 for 2-pack, so about $15 per diaper) are well worth the extra $2 each.  They have an umbilical cord snap-down, internal gussets, and are more absorbent than the BumGenius.  I don’t know if my little guy is just a super-pee-er or what but we have to change the BumGenius Newborns quite often compared to the Lil Joey’s.  The umbilical cord snap down was great because although the BumGenius Newborns are cut lower and usually were able to go under his umbilical cord, sometimes they would ride up but the Lil Joey’s never did. 

One thing I wish we had more of (and I’ll probably pick some up at the store next time I’m there) is cloth wipes.  I had forgotten than newborns poop so much!  We’re basically using a cloth wipe with each diaper change, plus the wipes we’re using as doublers, so I could use a dozen more or so.


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