New Mom Survival Tips

I wanted to share a couple things not strictly cloth-diapering related that have really helped us enjoy our new baby these past few weeks. 

First of all, we have been blessed with friends bringing us meals twice a week.  For the other five days each week, I’ve been getting my recipes and grocery lists from Eat At Home Cooks, a blog that posts weekly recipes and shopping lists for downloading.  You can click over to the blog here:  I download the week I want and give a quick peek at the recipes to make sure my family will eat them.  Then I print them off and post them on the fridge.  Each day my husband and I both know what’s for dinner that night, so he can jump right in to helping prepare it when he gets home from work.  It makes grocery shopping easy too since the list is all ready to go. 

Next, we splurged and had our home cleaned by Eco Maids of North Dallas (  The owner is a cloth diapering mama herself.  I love how they only use non-toxic cleaners, because with a new baby in the house the LAST thing I want is toxic chemicals around him!  They did a great job cleaning the house and getting me caught up on all the cleaning I haven’t done for the past month or two. 

Finally, I”m so grateful for my supportive midwives.  The women at Inanna Birth Center in Denton have given me amazing prenatal and post-natal care and walked with me every step of the way from severe morning sickness to a 15 hour labor to making sure John Paul and I are doing well in the weeks after birth.  If you’re looking for a Birth Center, here is a link to their practice:


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