Change 3 Things – Cloth Diaper Revolution

CottonBabies (makers of BumGenius) is sponsoring the Change 3 Things (C3T) movement.  You can see their Facebook page here:

Make the commitment to change 3 cloth diapers a day for a year.  If 100,000 parents do this, we will…

…prevent 30-50 MILLION pounds of landfill waste.

…keep from purchasing 100 MILLION disposable diapers.

…collectively save $24 MILLION over the next year. 

And it doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive to start!  C3T packages (3 cloth diapers) start at just $11.95 for the Econobum trial pack.  Just think, for less than the cost of one week’s worth of diapers, you can join the cloth diapering revolution (or gift a trial pack to a friend and introduce her to cloth diapering!)

Econobum C3T Trial Kit


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