Change 3 Things

We are so excited to be participating in the Change 3 Things Challenge 2011.  Parents all across the country are pledging to change 3 cloth diapers per day for one year.  If 100,000 families do this, it will result in 30-50 million pounds of prevented landfill waste, 100 million disposable diapers not purchased, and $24 million of combined savings!

Here’s how to join.  Click “like” at  Then just change 3 cloth diapers (or more!) per day for a year. 

For a limited time we will be giving away Change 3 Things silicone reminder bracelets at our store to anyone who makes the commitment.  Stop by and pick one up.  Not local?  No problem – just request a bracelet in “notes at checkout” with your online order.  (One free bracelet per customer, additional bracelets available for $1.25 each).


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