Eco-friendly business practices

You may have noticed with the warmer weather we have been having that we’ve opened up the garage door for a more open-air shopping experience.  We’ll continue doing this until it gets too hot and we have to start running the air conditioner.  This is just one of the things we do to keep our business eco-friendly.  What else do we do?

–  We re-use packaging when possible, and when it’s not, we use biodegradable polymailers and biodegradable packing tape from EcoEnclose.  These mailers are recyclable, and within months of composting or landfill disposal, will entirely disintegrate.  The mailers also have two adhesive strips so when you receive your order, you can re-use the plastic envelope one more time!

– Our business (and our home) is powered with 100% renewable energy.  So even when we use the heater or air conditioner, you can feel good knowing that the energy used to power them is renewable.

– We recycle paper and cardboard generated by the business.

-Oh, and we sell cloth diapers!


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