New Product – Best Bottoms AI2 in the store

I’m excited to tell you all that we just got our first (small) shipment of the new Best Bottoms all-in-two diaper today!  John Paul has been helping me test out my sample Best Bottoms for the past couple of weeks and we really like it.  Best Bottoms is an AI2 system brought to you by the same people who make PlanetWise wet bags.  Here are the pro’s and con’s of the system, particularly as it compares to the other brands of AI2’s we carry (SoftBums, Flip, and GroVia).


-Double-layer PUL feels really sturdy

-Wipe-clean interior (unlike SoftBums or GroVia)

-Has the STRONGEST, STICKIEST velcro I’ve ever seen.  There’s no doubt this velcro can stand up to years of use. (GroVia has the weakest velcro of the four.)

-Leg gussets ensure a great fit (Neither SoftBums, GroVia, or Flip has gussets on the shell)

-Your choice of hemp or stay-dry microfiber inserts; inserts are sized S-M-L for maximum trimness.

-One-size shells are very adjustable with four rise settings.

-Cute bi-color shells with contrasting edges and a few cute prints.

Best Bottom inserts come in S-M-L


-Limited prints on the shells.  More than SoftBums and Flip, which don’t come in prints at all, but not as many different prints as GroVia. 

-Sized inserts, although they increase trimness, also increase the price of a full birth-to-potty set of Best Bottoms to around $400.  Compare this to $200 for a full stash of Flip, $282 for a full stash of SoftBums, and $375 for GroVia.  (Still less expensive than pocket diapers or all-in-one’s though.)

-Best Bottom shells are sized to fit from 8-35 lbs so they won’t fit a newborn.  As with all diapers rated for 8-35 lbs, I say don’t count on them fitting till your baby is 10 lbs.  If that 8 lbs is in their thighs, it will fit, but if they’re a long and skinny 8 lbs, it will be too loose and leak.  The ONLY one-size diaper I have seen that will truly fit a newborn is the SoftBums, which will fit starting at 6 lbs.

We now have one shell each of snap and velcro closure, as well as one insert in each size plus a nighttime snap-in doubler in stock.  If you’ve been curious about the Best Bottom system, now is your chance to come check it out in our store!  We’ll be carrying Best Bottoms as special-order items at this time and hopefully working up to a full stock as we gauge interest levels.

My favorite Best Bottom shell color - too bad I have a baby boy!


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