What chemicals are in your bath and body products?

Do you wonder what chemicals are (or aren’t) in your bath and body products?  Head on over to SafeCosmetics.org to learn more about what goes into our body products, or go to www.cosmeticsdatabase.com and do a search for your current brand of soap, lotion, or shampoo. 

I was SHOCKED to see the number of toxins, carcinogens, and questionable substances that are in most mainstream products, especially baby products!  I assumed that baby shampoos and lotions would be gentler, milder, and safer than adult products.  Not necessarily. 

One thing I was very proud to see is that the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of products, which we sell in our store, got perfect scores in the cosmetics database and has NO TOXINS. 

You may have heard me recommending their Natural Nipple Butter for breastfeeeding mamas before, but they also make all-natural foaming body soaps (for baby and mama), an awesome Stretch Oil for pregnant bellies, and lots of other good stuff. Make sure to take a look next time you’re in the store!


What Makes Us Different?

Babies Bottoms and More is certainly no Wal-Mart, and our website is definitely not Amazon.  We may not always have the exact color and style of diaper you’re looking for (for example, Happy Heinys makes their one-size pocket diaper in SIXTY SIX different color/closure combinations, with new colors and prints introduced throughout the year), and your online orders generally take 1-2 weeks to ship (there are only two people who work on shipping, and they have four kids under age 8).  But along with this, shopping at Babies Bottoms and More is not without its advantages. 

-Free Shipping: If you come into the store to buy something that we normally do carry as an in-stock item, and we’re out of stock, we can order it for you and ship it to you for free so you don’t have to drive out to the store again.  And orders over $50 ship free everyday.

-Price Match Guarantee: We are happy to match the price of any identical item sold by an authorized retailer (i.e, ebay, Craigslist, and clearance sales don’t count).  Just bring in the printed webpage or the url so we can look it up to verify the price when you come in the store.  Is someone else having a sale?  Let us know and we’ll have a sale just for you!

-Buy-back Program: We will buy back any (still functional) diaper you originally purchased new from Babies Bottoms and More for 25% of the original purchase price in store credit.  One style of diaper didn’t work for you?  Trade them in for a style that you like better.  Done with diapers?  Trade in the diapers for training pants or even some Melissa and Doug wooden toys to celebrate your child’s accomplishment. 

-Email Support: We want our store to be a resource for cloth-diapering and naturally-minded parents in the DFW area.  That doesn’t end once you walk out with your diapers.  If you are running into problems or just have questions, please email us at admin@babiesbottomsandmore.com.  We would love to help.  After all, if we didn’t have customers to talk to about cloth diapering, we might just stop random people off the street to talk!

-Free Samples: Wondering whether to get a diaper sprayer or just go for the roll of flushable liners?  Want to find out how the Flip disposable inserts will work on your vacation?  Can’t decide which laundry detergent to buy?  We’re happy to give you a sample of most consumable items to let you try it out in your own home first.

-Hands-On Experience: When we were just starting out with cloth, my friend mailed me a box of prefolds and diaper covers.  They sat in that box for three weeks until I made her drive up from Austin and come visit me to show me in person how to put them on my baby.  In our store, you can play with the diapers, practice with them, and try on the baby carriers to your heart’s content.  We’ll help you become confident that you can have a safe babywearing experience and leak-free cloth diapers.

More than anything, we’re a local, family-focused business whose top priority is to help you in your parenting journey.  We’re real moms who have personally tested almost everything in the store, and with kids ranging from 2 months to 7 years, we’re constantly learning new things about natural parenting and love to share what we’re learning with you.

Mobywrap giveaway & This Month’s Giveaway

Congratulations to Melissa V, our Mobywrap gift set winner!  Melissa, we sent you an email regarding claiming your prize. 

This month, we’ll be giving away a Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bustier, size XS/S/M.  (click the link to read about it directly from SimpleWishes website: http://simplewishes.com/product/hands-free-pumping-bra.html)

I was going to post my own thoughts on this product but I think this review says it all:

“Love this handsfree pumping bra. I’ve been using another brand’s product for about three months and it’s good, but the lack of adjustability is kind of a problem on that one. Tthe holes are kinda big and stretchy and I always worry that breastshields will pop out. This, dare I say, cute pumping bra is infinitely adjustable, which is good because my body’s still morphing 4 months after birth. And the part for the breastshields to fit through on the simple wishes bra definitely keeps the collection parts way more secure. One less worry about spilling, especially when using the storage bags which scarily dangle from the connector (as opposed to the screw on collection bottles).

Really good price considering the product design and quality. Surprised by comfy-ness of fabric. Oh and the packaging is awesome. Not embarrassing at all. Cute enough and a nice price point to consider giving as a gift to a new mom. Handsfree double pumping is great for me and this bra is a good accompaniment to my medela pump in style which doesn’t have a handsfree option, like the freestyle. Almost forgot: the instructions are very thoughtful and clear, which is huge considering the generally abysmal nature of instructions for baby related gear.”

Again, there are several ways to enter, though they are a little different from last month.

1. We’ll have a box in-store where you can drop your name and phone number or email address. One entry per customer per day.

2. Each online order from April 1 through April 30 will receive one entry.

3. Leave a comment here and answer the following questions: Have you ever used a hands-free pumping bustier before?  If yes, what did you like best about it?  If no, is this an item you would consider purchasing if Babies Bottoms and More carried it?  (Please be honest, it helps us decide what items to carry in the store.)


Hey Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that I will announce the winner of the MobyWrap gift set giveaway as well as our new giveaway for this month, but I’ve had food poisoning for the past two days and wound up in the hospital today.  After an IV and some Zofran I’m feeling a lot better, but still need to focus for a few days on rehydrating, resting, and getting my milk supply back up for our new baby. 

I apologize to any of you waiting on orders, I will get them out as quick as I can once I”m better.