Mobywrap giveaway & This Month’s Giveaway

Congratulations to Melissa V, our Mobywrap gift set winner!  Melissa, we sent you an email regarding claiming your prize. 

This month, we’ll be giving away a Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bustier, size XS/S/M.  (click the link to read about it directly from SimpleWishes website:

I was going to post my own thoughts on this product but I think this review says it all:

“Love this handsfree pumping bra. I’ve been using another brand’s product for about three months and it’s good, but the lack of adjustability is kind of a problem on that one. Tthe holes are kinda big and stretchy and I always worry that breastshields will pop out. This, dare I say, cute pumping bra is infinitely adjustable, which is good because my body’s still morphing 4 months after birth. And the part for the breastshields to fit through on the simple wishes bra definitely keeps the collection parts way more secure. One less worry about spilling, especially when using the storage bags which scarily dangle from the connector (as opposed to the screw on collection bottles).

Really good price considering the product design and quality. Surprised by comfy-ness of fabric. Oh and the packaging is awesome. Not embarrassing at all. Cute enough and a nice price point to consider giving as a gift to a new mom. Handsfree double pumping is great for me and this bra is a good accompaniment to my medela pump in style which doesn’t have a handsfree option, like the freestyle. Almost forgot: the instructions are very thoughtful and clear, which is huge considering the generally abysmal nature of instructions for baby related gear.”

Again, there are several ways to enter, though they are a little different from last month.

1. We’ll have a box in-store where you can drop your name and phone number or email address. One entry per customer per day.

2. Each online order from April 1 through April 30 will receive one entry.

3. Leave a comment here and answer the following questions: Have you ever used a hands-free pumping bustier before?  If yes, what did you like best about it?  If no, is this an item you would consider purchasing if Babies Bottoms and More carried it?  (Please be honest, it helps us decide what items to carry in the store.)


7 thoughts on “Mobywrap giveaway & This Month’s Giveaway

  1. Ashley Mutschler says:

    Hi Elisa,

    I like to think that I am a professional pumper. My daughter (now 2) refused to breastfeed, so I pumped exclusively for her for 6 months. Now with my son, I am pumping while I’m at school, and in the evening so he has enough of my milk at school.

    Honestly, I’ve been kind of skeptical of these, though I’ve never used one. Is it like a bra you where all day? Or, do you just put it on to pump? Can you see it through clothes? It sounds like more hassle, but is it? I’d be interested to talk to someone who has used it. If it’s a good fit, I’d probably be interested in buying one.

    • Julie Billmeier says:

      You just put it on to pump. I just undo the latches on my nursing bra then put it on over whatever I’m wearing. It has a panel in the back that adjusts with Velcro, so it is very customizable.

    • I had a lot of the same questions, and I always thought that since I’m a SAHM I don’t need to be doing work-work while pumping. But then the last time I was pumping I realized how boring it is and how nice it would have been to be able to read the magazine sitting just out of reach.

  2. Julie Billmeier says:

    I love love love this product. We ha latching issues when I first started nursing, so I was having to pump and give a bottle at every feeding. It was such a tedious process and it was a life-changer once I could have my hands free. It is a big help at work as I can still get some things done while pumping. I wouldn’t ever pump again without this bra!

    • Julie Billmeier says:

      Oh, and I love how adjustable it is. (and even though I already have one, I would love to win one to give to my sister) 🙂

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