What chemicals are in your bath and body products?

Do you wonder what chemicals are (or aren’t) in your bath and body products?  Head on over to SafeCosmetics.org to learn more about what goes into our body products, or go to www.cosmeticsdatabase.com and do a search for your current brand of soap, lotion, or shampoo. 

I was SHOCKED to see the number of toxins, carcinogens, and questionable substances that are in most mainstream products, especially baby products!  I assumed that baby shampoos and lotions would be gentler, milder, and safer than adult products.  Not necessarily. 

One thing I was very proud to see is that the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of products, which we sell in our store, got perfect scores in the cosmetics database and has NO TOXINS. 

You may have heard me recommending their Natural Nipple Butter for breastfeeeding mamas before, but they also make all-natural foaming body soaps (for baby and mama), an awesome Stretch Oil for pregnant bellies, and lots of other good stuff. Make sure to take a look next time you’re in the store!


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