Giving Back & Contest!

Today I came across some information about a crisis pregnancy center here in Dallas called BirthChoice.  (
After reading their mission statement and hearing that they are in need of baby items to give to new mothers, we ordered an assortment of solid-color baby clothes and hooded towels from one of our diaper suppliers.  In about a week we will be getting in 10 infant onesies, 6 hooded towels, and 8 baby layette gowns. 
Here’s the fun part.  We will be having a contest for decorating these items.  I’ll post on our Facebook page when they are here and you can come pick up 1, 2, or 3 items.  Have fun and pretty them up any way you like, and our favorite will be chosen by Elisa, Candis, and Devon.  The winner will receive a $15 gift card to Babies Bottoms and More and have their item posted on our Facebook page, and all the baby items will be donated to Birth Choice to be given to new moms in need.  
Need ideas for decorating? Here are some with links to fun tutorials I found. 
-Dyeing.  Check out iDye at JoAnn Fabrics or  You can dye items in your washing machine (and it doesn’t ruin your machine, we’ve tried it.)
– Embroidery or Applique.  If you don’t have an embroidery machine you can cut out a piece of colored or printed fabric in the shape you want (I’ve done hearts before) and sew it on with stitches around the edges of the shape. Tutorial here:
-Fabric paint.  Stencils or shaped sponges can make super cute designs! Tutorial here:
-Stamps!  There’s a tutorial here:
-Trim.  Sew some lace onto a onesie’s rear to make a frilly, girly outfit.  (Please avoid beads as they are a choking hazard.)   Links to see ideas:
Ribbon onesies: 
Lacie Bum onesie:

ps: sorry about the atrocious formatting of this post.  WordPress was not cooperating and I’m tired of trying to figure it out.  


Edited to add: If you are not local or don’t get a chance to come by the store, you can still participate!  Just decorate your choice of baby item and mail it to us at Babies Bottoms and More, 2964 Mark Twain Dr, Farmers Branch TX 75234.  We will be posting the end-date for the contest once we get our shipment of onesies.  


2 thoughts on “Giving Back & Contest!

  1. Jacquelyn Smith says:

    We decorate clothes and bibs for the babies at my Pro-Life Boot Camp. It is super fun! I’ll fb post the pic of the tie-dyed onesies hanging to dry. Those were the best!

    Jacquelyn Smith

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