Monthly Giveaway!

Congratulations to Aubrey T. who won our July giveaway.  We have TWO exciting giveaways this month, one diaper-related and one just plain awesome.

The diaper-related giveaway is a Tots Bots Bamboozle fitted diaper with a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in our choice of color or print.  (You get to pick the size though.)  The Bamboozle is a super soft, super trim fitted diaper made out of bamboo terry.  Bamboo is a hot fabric in the cloth diapering world right now.

Growing bamboo takes far fewer resources than growing cotton. Bamboo easily grows up to a foot a day without fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo removes 40 percent more carbon dioxide from the air than trees do. While creating bamboo fabric still has a ways to go before it is as sustainable as it could be, it is still easier on the environment than creating synthetics. While there is no perfect environmental choice for any fabric, we believe that bamboo is an excellent and environmentally friendly choice for cloth diapering.

Bamboo is 60 percent more absorbent than cotton, and can absorb up to 3 times it’s weight in water. Bamboo is stronger when combined with cotton and many manufacturers use a little polyester in their bamboo blend to make it more durable. While we love 100 percent natural fabrics, we feel that a more durable fabric is more environmentally friendly than one that needs to be replaced prematurely.

Bamboo is breathable and is often used next to the skin because it wicks moisture away quickly. Bamboo is one of the softest fabrics you will ever feel! It retains it’s softness even after many washings.

The other prize has been generously donated by our friends at EcoMaids of North Dallas and it is a FREE Initial Service Visit to the Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Entry, Hallway, one Bedroom and one Bathroom.  I treated myself to a house cleaning by EcoMaids twice – once before and once after our most recent baby was born.  Having the house cleaned and ready for a new baby did so much to decrease my stress level, and then having them come once again when my baby was 6 weeks old helped me feel like the house was back in shape.  I love how they only use eco-friendly products.  My house smelled clean and fresh, but not like commercial cleaners when they were done.

Because EcoMaids of North Dallas has a limited service area (for details visit, here’s how we are going to select winners this month.  We’ll pick a name out of all of our online orders between August 1 and August 31 of this month plus all in-store entries.  If that winner is within the service area, they will win the Eco Maids cleaning.  If not, they’ll win the diaper set.  After the diaper set is given away we will keep drawing names randomly until we get someone who is within the service area and they will win the free cleaning.

Also, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what item ($50 or less) that you’d like to see in next month’s giveaway.  And THANK YOU to all of you for the wonderful comments with last month’s giveaway.  They meant the world to me.


6 thoughts on “Monthly Giveaway!

  1. Amanda says:

    I would love to see a diaper sprayer.

    Or I a mama pad.

    I have wanted to try both of these and would love to see them on a giveaway.

    • Hi Melanie! You can enter in the store or by placing an online order this month. If you aren’t able to do either, you can also mail your name, address, and phone or email to us at 2964 Mark Twain Dr. Farmers Branch TX 75234 and I’ll put it in our entry box for you. 🙂

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