October Giveaway

I can’t believe it, I’m on time for posting this! First of all, congratulations to Bre Taylor who won the mama cloth giveaway, and LaDonna Elms who won the breastfeeding package. Please email us at admin@babiesbottomsandmore.com before Monday morning to claim your prize.

Now for the October Giveaway. Thanks to the work-at-home-DAD behind EcoSprout, we have an EcoSprout gift pack to give away. It includes a medium size bag of EcoSprout detergent plus 2 trial size bags, a bottle of Bottom Spray, a tube of Bottom Balm, and a small travel-size tin of Bottom Balm. I’ll be sad to see it go – it has been making our store smell WONDERFUL these past few weeks!

To enter, 3 ways:

1. Stop by the store and fill out an entry form

Place an online order from now through Oct. 31 and add the “Monthly Giveaway” to your bag

3. Am I the only one who LOVES folding my diaper laundry? Comment here and spill the beans, do you like diaper laundry or not? Why?


14 thoughts on “October Giveaway

  1. Kourtney Campbell says:

    Folding, yes….washing, not so much. : ) However, a huge, fresh stack of diapers waiting for me to use them makes me feel very accomplished!

    • I agree. When we used to use disposables, I always felt depressed looking at the big bag full of dirty diapers, thinking, “I made this. Ew.” Then we switched to cloth and I could look at the freshly folded pile of prefolds and say, “I made this! Go me!” Now we use all-in-one’s and I love to arrange the folded diapers in the drawer by color.

  2. I actually find washing and folding diapers a very fun time! I have two kids that both love to help me, I hand wash all of my son’s dipes in the bathtub and my kids put on the big yellow gloves and help me agitate the diapers in the water! Then we all go outside to play “build a house”. I hang the diapers on the line and they pretend they are walls and doors and such above them. When it is time to fold, my kids help me. My oldest (4) will put them into pile such as diaper, insert, and cover. we fold them up and my son (2) will help us carry them to the bin that they are kept in! I LOVE the time with my kids, it never feels like a chore!

    • Chelsey, that is the cutest diaper-laundry story I’ve ever heard! Way to go on making chores into quality fun time with your kids! I am inspired to do diaper laundry with my 3 year old tomorrow and make it fun. (The 8 month old is still too little to “help”.) 🙂

  3. Joanne Ayon says:

    Regular Laundry is such a chore, but Diaper Laundry, I Love!!! My older kiddos Love our cloth Diapers. My 7 yr-old loves to get the full bag of diapers and put them into the washer for their initial rinse. When The wash is done both my 7yr & 4yr old help. I take them out and sort them, one puts all non-stained & non-PUL items into the dryer and the other one hangs the rest on one of our folding drying racks. The cutest part is folding time. That is my 3yr olds favorite chore. He will quietly occupy himself taking diapers off the drying rack and into a pile on the sofa for mommy to fold. He also puts all the clothespins into their bag and back in the laundry room. I will usually hand him one pocket diaper and insert to stuff and he will work on it the entire time I fold the rest. I too love to color code my diapers, but since my 3yr old loves to put the freshly folded diapers up, I let him put them away however he wants. He takes so much pride in helping mommy with diapers that he randomly brings me his favorite diapers he folded through out the day to put on the baby 🙂

    • Joanne Ayon says:

      Oh, and the baby (6months old) helps out too, Lol. She holds the wipes pile while I fold the diapers. All 4 kiddos are involved in diaper Laundry, hehe

  4. Carolyn H says:

    I love diaper laundry! Stuffing and folding is very satisfying to me. I love seeing all the colored diapers are stacked up and ready to use!

  5. I love folding & stuffing diapers. Even if I have been putting it off and am dreading it – it is so relaxing that I can’t help but appreciate the break. And I LOVE a big pile of freshly prepped fluff ready to go.

  6. Amanda says:

    I love the end result only if I have been the one that does diaper laundry from start to finish. I have a nanny in my home while I work and she tries to help, but doesn’t do it as I would so it can be a little frustrating. I do love weekends though when I can do laundry by myself and have a nice stack of fresh fluff… I love that sight:)

  7. Tanya says:

    I love diaper laundry. I love the softness. I love being aware of all the money I am saving. I love taking care of my baby, and diapers are a big part of that.

  8. LaDonna Elms says:

    I just happened upon this and had no idea I’d won something…6 months ago! Ha, ha, ha! I had a baby in October, so at least I have a good excuse.

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