February Giveaway

In my head I was thinking I would wait to post about our Feb. giveaway until the January giveaway had been claimed.  To wrap up the other one before starting a new one.  Well, getting in touch with a winner is becoming harder than I thought, and we’re already well into Feb. so I’ll go ahead and spill the beans. 


February’s giveaway is a PlanetWise Nursing Cover in the Espresso Bean print!  Planetwise, maker of the fabulous wet/dry bags and Best Bottom Diapers, now makes nursing covers as well.  They’re made in the style of Bebe au Lait covers with a stiff neckline that stands out from your chest so you can look down and see your baby while they are covered.  They also have a large pocket in the corner to store essentials like a burp cloth, pacifier, nipple cream, or bottle of water. 

My favorite feature of this cover though is the matching zippered pouch that comes with it.  It keeps the cover nice and neat and crumb-free in the bottom of your diaper bag. 

PlanetWise nursing cover in Espresso Bean

Three Ways To Enter:

1. Stop by the store and fill out an entry slip with your name and phone number or email address.

2. Add the “monthly giveaway” item to your cart with any online order.

3. Comment here:  If you’re feeling snarky tell me the best/funniest reponse you’ve ever heard or used to a negative comment about breastfeeding.  Or if you’re in a more positive mood you can share a positive comment you’ve gotten from someone about breastfeeding.  My favorite answer to the question, “How long will you be nursing you baby?” is “Oh, just about five more minutes now.”

PS: If you are entering by posting here, I highly recommend you click the box to be notified by email if anyone responds to your comment.  The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on or around March 1, but if the winner is a commenter here I will also respond to their comment to let them know they’ve won.  Several previous prizes have gone unclaimed because I never heard back from the winner – I’d hate for it to be you!


7 thoughts on “February Giveaway

  1. Lindy says:

    I want to enter to win! This didn’t happen to me, but I once heard that a mom was told, “You should nurse your baby in the bathroom, instead of out here in front of everyone in the restaurant.” She replied, “You should go eat YOUR dinner in the bathroom!” 🙂

  2. Reese Velazquez says:

    I’m still hanging on to the hope of winning the pink moby wrap from January LOL but will enter for this too as I am not quite the discreet nurser so always end up having to nurse in our SUV while out. One time when I was nursing in our SUV at a flea market, we parked at the very back of the parking lot and it just so happened another (bigger) SUV parked right in front of us. The guy was staring at us and it took him a minute to realize he was getting a bit of a peep show. I’m very shy and modest so I was beat red and so was he!!

  3. Jacquelyn says:

    I’ve never had any negative comments but I have had people that get a little too close for comfort because they want to see the baby. Seriously people, if you really want to see the baby just wait until I am done.

    • Congratuations, Jaquelyn, your name was selected to win the PlanetWise nursing cover! Please email us at admin @ babiesbottomsandmore dot com before Sunday to arrange pickup or shipping. If you are local you also can just stop by sometime tomorrow 11-3, we will be open. Thanks!

  4. I’ve heard all kinds of comments. My mother-in-law has told me that it was just something I wanted to say I had done because it was a fad. I was told that formula was better and there was no need to breastfeed now-a-days. My sister-in-law told me how gross it was and that breast milk smells weird and is just plain nasty.

    I ignored all the bad talk and I exclusively breastfed my first child for three years and plan on doing the same with my 5 month old son.

  5. Megan says:

    I never had any negative comments with my son, but if someone asked when we were going to stop, I would have to tell them “When he is full.” I’ve been thinking about getting a nursing cover for our 2nd- due in May. I just used blankets with our son, but I forsee big brother wanting to uncover little sister in public.

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