Exploring Babywearing from a Novice’s Point of View

I’m so excited to introduce myself and this new blog series. 

My name is Keila, I’m a 30-year-old (almost 31) first time mom to almost one year old Norah (her birthday is two days before mine).  Having Norah has opened up my world to all sorts of neat things one can easily obsess over like cloth diapering and babywearing.  I’m the proud owner and wearer of a Beco Butterfly 2 and a Hava ring sling.  I have previously used a Moby wrap and a buckled mei tai.  I also own a great stroller which my daughter enjoys, although she prefers to be worn. 

  In my life pre-Norah, I had one friend who was a babywearing, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t get what the fuss was about until I learned about the many options outside of the Moby.  When Norah was a newborn, my friend Kaytee loaned me a buckled mei tai that worked beautifully for us until my dog chewed a hole through it, no biggie, she gave us a cover that fixed the small, unimportant, yet ugly hole.

  As Norah grew and as I discovered that Babies Bottoms and More was my favorite Saturday morning destination, I became more and more fascinated at all the pretty carriers in stock.  I was immediately drawn to the Beco Butterfly 2.  It was perfect for my husband and me since we both liked wearing our daughter.  In the time from when I fell in love with the Beco Butterfly 2 until I purchased it, I would find myself constantly thinking and fantasizing about it.  The carrier we had borrowed from our friend was great, but I found it lacking in back support.  I’ve struggled with back pain since adolescence and was in constant pain from sciatica worsened by pregnancy. 

I was drawn to the Butterfly 2 over the Gemini because of the internal harness.  I knew that I would want to use back carries at some point in our babywearing future, but was very unsure of flipping my baby over my head.  The sling also seemed like it would be fool-proof for novice parents.  The internal harness has come in very handy when learning to employ back carries with Norah.  We have taken Norah on day long trips to the zoo and have both taken turns wearing her.  The internal harness allows us to hand the baby off to the other without having to remove her. 

Another attribute of the Butterfly that drew me to that particular SSC (soft structured carrier) are the colors and prints.  I feel like my daughter has a very vibrant personality and all things she wears must be bright and colorful.  We have the Natalie print Butterfly which has purple straps and bright flowers on the front.  I always receive compliments when wearing her. 

I feel like the Butterfly 2 is easy to use and far less intimidating that other carriers may seem to new babywearers. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be checking out the different babywearing options available at Babies Bottoms and More and testing them out in everyday life.  I will occasionally revert comparison to the Beco Butterfly 2 because it was my first true love in babywearing. 

If you are interested in purchasing or trying on any of the carriers I mentioned, please visit Babies Bottoms and More.  Elisa is a wonderful resource when it comes to the carriers. 

The next carrier I will review is the Beco Gemini.  I’ve got lots to say about it!

– Keila

Babywearing allows for much better views than a stroller!

A proud Daddy wearing a purple Beco Butterfly 2!


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