Comparing Diapers

It’s hard to compare diapers online sometimes.  Every photo shows the diaper at its best, and it isn’t until you get the two diapers you’re comparing in your hands, or at least in the same photo, that you can really start to see differences.  In our Comparing Diapers series, we’re going to look at different diapers side by side in the same photo so you can really see the differences.  The point of this post is not to say that no one should buy a particular brand or that a particular diaper is bad, but to give you information.  Weighing price and quality and design is a personal decision.  I am not intending to attack any manufacturer but to educate parents so they can make better informed decisions about which diaper they personally like.  In particular I hope to highlight the actual differences between different diaper brands, to show both which have real differences and which are basically the same diaper.  Hopefully this will simplify the decision making process for parents deciding which diaper to use on their child.


For this post I got my hands on a Lotus Bumz diaper, which retails for around $15.  First off I’d like to show you the difference between intact PUL and defective PUL that is delaminating.  Hopefully you all know what intact PUL looks like by looking at the inside of your own pocket diapers or diaper covers. This is a photo looking inside the pocket opening of a diaper. If you look closely you can see that the clear waterproof  polyurethane layer is pulling away from the green knit polyester fabric layer of the outer layer of the diaper.  This is called delamination, and it is a defect.  It can sometimes be caused by washing or drying in too high a heat, but in this case my customer told me that the diaper arrived in this condition when she purchased it new.

You can see here how I can completely pull the clear layer away.  If that layer gets snagged on anything and gets a hole in it, the diaper will leak.  Not good!  Many diaper brands have a warranty against this sort of flaw.  For example, Fuzzibunz has one of the best, they have a lifetime warranty on their PUL and their snaps.  So if you ever get a Fuzzibunz diaper that looks like this, call them for a replacement!

Next I compared the microfiber insert that came with the diaper.  Here is is next to a BumGenius one-size insert that comes in the BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper.

The BumGenius insert is on top and the LotusBumz is on the bottom.  Hmmmm… I don’t even think I need to comment further on that.


Finally, I thought I’d compare two made in China one-size pocket diapers that both retail for $10-15.  One is our old friend Lotus Bums and the other is a Just Simply Baby diaper.  Check it out – they are *almost* the same diaper!

Yes, that is actually two diapers (without inserts) opened up and stacked on top of each other.  The only way you can tell the difference is that the Lotus Bumz has slightly wider snap tabs, and the crossover snaps (that allow the tabs to cross over and snap on top of each other on the smallest setting) are on opposite sides, meaning one snaps right side over left side and the others snaps left over right.  Here’s a picture of the snap tabs up close.  You can see that the Lotus Bums has added extra PUL (see the seam) to make the tabs extend further.

Again, the point of this post is not to say that no one should buy a particular brand or that a particular diaper is bad, but to give you information.  If there is a brand of diaper that you’d like to see compared side-by-side in photos, please let us know in the comments.  Also, we are always looking for sample diapers to use in these posts.  If you have one you think we might be interested in, please email  If it’s on our list of  “Wanted” diapers, you could be eligible to “trade-up” by letting us have the diaper and you get Babies Bottoms and More store credit equal to what you originally paid for it! At this point we are definitely looking for an Alva, Sunbaby, and Kawaii, and possibly others.

Oh and I am not compensated in any way for any of these reviews.  I just think they’re interesting.


One thought on “Comparing Diapers

  1. Good article! I swear the Lotus was like that when I got it, and up to that point, I’d only used FuzziBunz and BG 4.0’s, so I just (stupidly) assumed that was how Lotus Bumz are made. It worked ok for me, for the most part, but usually a teeny wet spot would appear in the very front around the middle snap. I think I’ll be a BG mama for life 🙂 Thanks again for posting and giving me to opportunity to help educate others too!

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