Day 7 – DDL’s Flats Handwashing Challenge – Reflecting on What I’ve Learned

It’s over! I did it (with he help of my loving daughter and husband)! I completed the Flats Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry.  For 7 days, I agreed to give up the conveniences of modern cloth diapers, washing machine and dryer to use flat diapers (large squares of absorbent fabric) and covers.  The good news is that I’m not the only one crazy enough to do this!  There are over 450 participants throughout the world!

I didn’t get the opportunity to blog yesterday evening so here is my final blog post from the flats challenge series.  I’m very proud of myself and my husband (who washed a big load of diapers yesterday) for completing this challenge.  I tend to start projects and then leave them unfinished.  I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to hand wash so much during the week.  I am not afraid of hand washing and have done my fair share of it throughout my life, mostly when I didn’t have a washer or dryer in college and had a particular outfit in mind for the next day.  I was not as intimidated by the hand washing aspect as I was by only using flats.

I learned that flats are an excellent option for overnight diapering.  Currently, we use bamboo fitteds with hemp doublers, using two Hemp Babies flats accomplished the same task for comparable bulk.  I’m glad to know That I have plenty of options as I don’t like using prefolds at night because they are too bulky.

I learned that flats are rather easy to fold and extremely versatile.  I enjoyed using flats so much, that I will continue to do so in place of prefolds.

Rinsing was the hardest part of washing!

I also learned that even though we practice some elimination communication and that my daughter has pooped around the same time for six months, her bowel movement schedule will change during a handwashing challenge and return to her regular schedule the day after the challenge.

I learned not to save up two days worth of diapers and wash them in one big load! I was so tired yesterday and busy with my daughter that my husband generously did the washing.  He did a great job and it was the only time he washed.

I’m happy and pleased with myself.  I love sharing what I learned and my experiences with everyone I met on Saturday while working. I can’t say that I will do it next year, but hopefully, I will!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for supporting me throughout the last week.



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