The CAN Challenge

The official rules for the CAN Challenge can be found here:


Here’s some info specifically about the way we’re going to do it at Babies Bottoms and More:

*Each dad can enter once per day that we are open.  Time permitting, he can change the baby three times and take the best time out of 3 for his official time for that entry.

*The top 3 fastest changers will receive the following: 1st place – 3 Freetime diapers, 2nd place – 2 Freetimes, 3rd place – 1 Freetime diaper.

*Each entry will also get one ticket for our Freetime giveaway.  At the end of the CAN Challenge we will draw 4 names and each of the names drawn will win one Freetime diaper.  Even if you won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prizes, you can still win a Freetime from the drawing.  However the same person cannot have their name drawn more than twice.

*Additional giveaway entries may be earned through various other forms of participation.  Make sure to Like our Facebook page ( to keep up with all the ways you can get entries!


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