August Giveaway

Congratulations to Megan K who won our July giveaway!  Megan, you can come pick up your prize any Tuesday 10-2 or Saturday 11-3. 


Our August giveaway was selected specifically for this month.  Mosquitoes are bad this time of year and it’s important to wear protective clothing or bug spray and to try to avoid being outside near standing water and at dawn and dusk.  When we were kids, mosquito protection was more for comfort than anything else – I remember the near-nightly ritual of dotting all our bites with calamine lotion to stop the itching.  But with the arrival of West Nile Virus, protecting your kids from mosquito bites is now a health concern as well.  But also of concern is what is IN the bug spray you are putting all over your child, especially little ones that still put everything in their mouths. 



We are giving a way a bottle of CJ’s Bug Banisher (retail 14.95) See what CJ’s has to say about this great product: “We use a combination of witchhazel, citronella, peppermint, neem, lavender and tea tree essential oils among other natural ingredients to keep those bugs away. Our testers found this formula to be very effective, even in the buggiest of climates at dusk! Try it for yourself…and say goodbye to yet another ‘mainstream’ chemical-laden product!”


I can tell you this, it really doesn’t smell bad.  (Ask me how I know, go on, ask.  Well okay, I’ll tell you.)  I know this because we left a bottle out on the kitchen counter and while my parents were watching our kids, the 8 year old (or the 6 year old, they’re not telling) sprayed it all over.  When we came back we kept wondering what that smell was, because it smelled like my mom had cleaned the kitchen top to bottom using essential oils.  Now, my mom has been known to sneak in some stealth cleaning while visiting, but she doesn’t know where we keep our essential oils so we were really confused.  Finally we saw the half empty bottle of CJ’s Bug Banisher and got a confession from the kids.  So yeah, not yucky smelling. 


We’re also including two PlanetWise snack bags/sandwich bags. (Retail 7.99 each) These reusable bags are made of food-safe materials and cute prints.  They velcro closed to keep food fresh.  We have switched to all reusable materials for packing our kids lunches and just like cloth diapers, we appreciate both the cost savings and the good feeling we get from not throwing away a bunch of trash every single day. 


Three ways to enter:

1. Enter in-store.  You can get one entry every time you visit!

2. Enter online.  Add “Monthly Giveaway” to every order this month (it’s 1 cent, couldn’t figure out how to make it free.)

3. Enter on the blog.  Comment and tell us who introduced you to cloth diapering.  How did you first find out about it?  (And if it was a friend who introduced you, why not return the favor and introduce them to our blog?)