Black Friday Winners (and November Giveaway)

It’s been a busy week filling Black Friday online orders and then our Trunk Show on Thursday, so thanks for all your patience!  Below are the winners for the Black Friday giveaways and our November giveaway.  I have listed names where they were written and ticket numbers when they weren’t.  If you are a winner, please email before Monday, December 3 at 9 pm to claim your prize or we will pick another name.  If your original purchase was in-store, you may pick up your prize in-store.  If your original order was online/emailed and you do not live locally please include your shipping address and we will ship your prize to you.

November Giveaway (amber necklace): Tyese Little

Think Baby feeding set: Liesl Raikes

SoftBums AI2 pack: Blessy C.

Osocozy Flats: Kelly Carr

Hemp Babies Hemp Flat: Isela Rodriguez

Jellystone Chocolate Bar Teether: Jade McGraw

Econobum Package: Summer Ross

PlanetWise Sport Bag: Tracy Taylor

Hand-Embellished Burp Cloths: Isela Rodriguez

Rockin Green Diaper Pail Deodorizer: Meghan Jones

PlanetWise Nursing Cover: Jennifer Robertson

Lulu’s Extra Hard Detergent: Kristen Jones


Congratulations, everyone!  This is normally the part where I tell you what this month’s giveaway will be, but my 2 year old got into the super awesome nontoxic nail polish that it was going to be and mixed all the colors of nail polish together.  So give me a few days or a week to figure out if I can get replacements in time or if there’s something else around here that I should give away and save the nontoxic nail polish for another month.  And if you have a similar story to share in the comments so I don’t feel like my kid is the only toddler whose mission it is to use up every single last drop of Mommys’s sanity, that would be much appreciated!  Hey, just goes to show why it’s important to have nontoxic nail polish, right?


One thought on “Black Friday Winners (and November Giveaway)

  1. JRo says:

    My eldest, who is an easy, rule following kid that rarely gives me trouble (MUCH unlike my second born whom we refer to as the Barbarian)… Was the child who put fingernail polish in his hair, you know, minutes before we were supposed to leave for church. Allllllllll over his head. It was awesome.

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