March Giveaway

Congratulations to Jaquelyn who commented on our February giveaway entry for winning the PlanetWise nursing cover!  March’s giveaway is ALSO a PlanetWise item having to do with feeding babies, but not a nursing cover.  It’s a Bag Your Snack Stuff gift set!  The winner will get a set of 2 reusable snack bags (1 large and 1 small), a reusable sandwich wrap, and a set of 4 cloth napkins, all in a fun owl print.

Snack bags are

  • FDA Food Safe Material
  • PVC, BPA, Phthalate, Latex and Lead Free
  • CPSIA Compliant

Napkins are

  • Sold in sets of four, two-sided napkins
  • Coordinating prints to match your favorite Snack Bags!
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 12″x12″

We love the PlanetWise napkins so much, they have replaced paper napkins in our house.  I just toss them in with whatever load of laundry I’m doing that day.  They’re small enough (and fun enough prints) that my kids ages 8, 6, and 3 will fold them while I’m folding the rest of the laundry.  We have also become entirely waste-free for packed lunches.  I got some plastic “bento boxes” (really just cheap tupperware thingys) from Ikea that are the perfect size for a sandwich and a little bit of trail mix or pretzels next to the sandwich.  This goes with a sippy cup or thermos, a piece of fruit, and/or other food in a reusable snack bag into our canvas lunch sacks.  I love the canvas sacks because they fold completely flat for easy storage (important when you have 6 people’s lunch bags to store!) and they are completely WASHABLE so even if the sippy cup spills milk, it’s not doomed to stink forever!  (Stay tuned… we hope to have these amazing bags in our store soon!)


To Enter:

1. Come by the store and fill out an entry slip.  You can enter each time you visit during the month of March.

2. Add the “Monthly Giveaway” (for 1 cent because I can’t make it charge $0) to your cart with any online purchase this month.

3. Comment here with one change either that you HAVE made in the past year or that you WILL make this year to reduce waste in your life.


We’ll pick the winner on or around April 1.  Have fun!



November Giveaway

Congratulations to our October winner, Rachel Koppa.  We left you a voice mail – please contact us to claim your prize!

November’s giveaway is going to be perfect for those Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s a BPA-free feeding set from ThinkBaby, and a snack bag from Itzy Ritzy – total value of $49.99!

ThinkBaby has an awesome philosophy. Instead of reformulating their products every time a new ingredient is shown to be toxic or have health risks, they start off by asking the question, “Do we know this ingredient is safe? And is it necessary?” Only if the answer to both questions is “YES” do they include it in their product.

The BPA-free feeding set contains a set of baby-sized utensils, a kid-size cup with handle, two different size bowls with lids, and a bento box. All but the utensils are lined with stainless steel and encased in BPA-free blue plastic. The lids are also blue so you can find them easily. The bento box has a snap-on lid that is actually watertight! I have used these before to pack small snacks for my younger two kiddos when we’re out running errands, or for packing my preschooler’s lunch. I LOVE not having to spend money on plastic baggies, not to mention the waste we’re saving.

I have to admit, the ItzyRitzy snack bags in our house often get used for things other than food. They are great for packing snacks in the car, but we also use them for mommy’s makeup, small toy storage, and trips to the store when the kids have saved their pennies from chores. They like to carry their own money to the dollar store but I don’t feel good about letting them have lots of small chokeable objects in their pockets, so we zip them up in these bags.

If you don’t win, or can’t wait to get these for yourself, you can also purchase them on our website here: (BPA free feeding set), and here: (Itzy Ritzy snack bag)

Three Ways To Enter:

1. Visit our store from now until 11-30-11 and fill out an entry form. You can enter each time you visit!

2. Place an online order before 11-30-11 and add the Monthly Giveaway to your cart. (Monthly Giveaway is in the “For Mama and Just for Fun” section and also in the category tabs on the left. It will add .01 to your cart, I’m sorry I can’t figure out how to list an item for $0.)

3. Comment here and tell me your favorite kid-friendly healthy snack that you would pack in the snack bag or feeding set. We have four kids so I’m always up for new ideas! 

**Due to the size and weight of this item, winner will be given the option to pick up prize locally or asked to pay actual shipping costs, estimated at $7.  Thanks for understanding!