Big Box vs Local Business

As more and more big box stores carry cloth diapering and babywearing items (well, to be more specific, they have the items listed on their websites, not usually in the stores themselves) parents are faced with a dilemma.  Should they use the gift cards to Target and Babies R Us that people will inevitably give them to get their cloth diapers and carriers from a bix box store, or is there a reason to pay actual money to get these things from a local business?  Here are some reasons parents might want to consider purchasing from their local cloth diaper store instead of a big website, even if they are purchasing the exact same items.

1.See and Touch.  Many parents come into our store planning to buy one particular brand but after seeing the item in person ultimately decide on a different brand, sometimes one they had not even considered before.  Rather than paying shipping and waiting for the item to arrive, only to find out it’s not what you thought, isn’t it better to be able to compare multiple items in your hands and make the decision right away?

2. Personal Service.  While most people don’t need help deciding what kind of cereal to buy at the grocery store or what color bedsheets to buy, when you’re deciding on something so new to you as cloth diapers, or something as expensive as a baby carrier, it is invaluable to be able to ask questions like, “How would you compare the Flip diaper system to the Best Bottoms system for a skinny, tall baby?”  Or “I have a short torso but my husband is very tall, what carrier will fit us both?”  Most of the time the employees at a big box store won’t be able to answer these questions because they have never personally used the items themselves.

3.Warranty Claims.  Many if not all of the products we sell have warranties, from 3 months to 1 year to a LIFETIME warranty on Fuzzibunz diapers snaps and waterproofing. Should you need to make a warranty claim, we can help you figure out how to do that and sometimes we can even exchange the faulty product for a new one on the spot – no shipping, no waiting!

4. Same Prices.  We’re moms ourselves, and we know that you want to get the best deal for your family.  With our price-match program, if you find a lower price or a sale on the same product from an authorized dealer (no ebay, craigslist, deal-a-day sites) that is not being clearanced out, we are happy to match that price.  Just bring in the URL or printed out webpage that has the advertised price.

5. Long-term Resources.  The single best way to make sure you have a local cloth diaper store for those times in the future when you need something right away, or need to get some help with washing or choosing products is to shop at your local retailer now.  By shopping local you are ensuring that local businesses stay in business to serve you when you need them.

So you see, you’re not losing anything by shopping local and using those gift cards to buy other essentials like carseats and clothes, and you’re gaining a lot!Image