The CAN Challenge

The official rules for the CAN Challenge can be found here:


Here’s some info specifically about the way we’re going to do it at Babies Bottoms and More:

*Each dad can enter once per day that we are open.  Time permitting, he can change the baby three times and take the best time out of 3 for his official time for that entry.

*The top 3 fastest changers will receive the following: 1st place – 3 Freetime diapers, 2nd place – 2 Freetimes, 3rd place – 1 Freetime diaper.

*Each entry will also get one ticket for our Freetime giveaway.  At the end of the CAN Challenge we will draw 4 names and each of the names drawn will win one Freetime diaper.  Even if you won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prizes, you can still win a Freetime from the drawing.  However the same person cannot have their name drawn more than twice.

*Additional giveaway entries may be earned through various other forms of participation.  Make sure to Like our Facebook page ( to keep up with all the ways you can get entries!


June’s Monthly Giveaway

Congratulations to Bobbie Dotson who won the Babykicks Deluxe Pocket Diaper from the May giveaway!  For June we have one of our most beloved products, the Undercover Mama.

Part nursing tank, part nursing shirt, the Undercover Mama has quite obviously been invented by a real breastfeeding mom.  It’s basically a tube top that comes up higher in the front and attaches – either with the clips or with the stretchy loops – to your nursing bra.  So when you unclip your bra to fold the cup down and nurse, the Undercover Mama comes down with it.  When you wear it under another shirt (or a cute cardigan), it makes any shirt a nursing shirt.  Just pull up the top layer (your shirt), pull down the inner layer (the Undercover Mama) and you can nurse while your belly and sides are completely covered.

Two other uses I have found for the Undercover Mama are for pregnancy and for modesty.  When I was 9 months pregnant, in January, most maternity shirts were not long enough to go all the way around my very pregnant belly, and it was distinctly uncomfortable to feel a cold draft on my middle!  The Undercover Mamas were long enough though that they could pull all the way down, keeping me warm and adding a cute layered look.  Also, I frequently will layer a camisole under a shirt with a low neckline for modesty.  The problem is that the camisole always starts to kind of sag down by the end of the day (gosh, I don’t know why, what with all the little kids in my house pulling on and twisting my clothes!) and so by about 3 pm the cami isn’t covering much up.  The Undercover Mama, though, because it attaches to my bra straps, is held close to my body by those same straps, which are MADE to be pretty heavy-duty, not-getting-stretched-out straps.  Then I’m not afraid to bend over like I am with a regular cami.


The winner will get an Undercover Mama in their choice of in-stock size AND color (black, white, cream, brown, hot pink, or gray, value $24.95).  If you don’t win, or don’t want to wait till July to find out if you won, you can get your own you can stop by our store any Tuesday 10-2 or Saturday 11-3, or click on this link to buy from our website:


Three Ways To Enter:

1. Stop by the store and fill out an entry form. You can enter every time you visit this month!

2. Add the item “Monthly Giveaway” to your cart with any online order this month.

3. Comment here and tell me what breastfeeding accessory needs to be invented.  Chocolate-scented nipple cream?  The perfect breastmilk-spitup stain remover?  A perfectly breathable nursing cover?  What do you wish you had?  (I know mine: a self-filling giant water bottle!)


Oh and by the way I figure I should let y’all know that we are not compensated in any way for these giveaways.  Sometimes companies will donate items for the giveaway, other times, like this month’s giveaway, this is just a product that we really, really like and have decided to give away out of our own pocket.