As some of you might have noticed, a lot has been going on with Babies Bottoms and More. The ownership of Babies Bottoms and More has changed, and we are so pleased to welcome  Amber and Jose Batista as our new owners.  You might have met Amber, some time over the last year or so, working for Elisa in the store. While being a mom to her two little ones, Marjane, 3, and Viva, 2, she grew to love everything natural parenting related.

The decision to buy and sell Babies Bottoms and More was greatly contemplated by Elisa, Amber, and their families. After much thought and conversation both families are extremely happy with their decisions. The Batista Family is excited to start a new adventure.

Until the grand reopening there will be shorter business hours, but we will be open none the less. Starting Thursday, May 8th, 2014 we will be open from 11:00am to 5:00pm Tues through Sat. So please, come out, look around and play with all the cloth you would like.

Feel free to browse the website! www.babiesbottomsandmore.com We have updated the features to allow you to now make wishlists and even register for your upcoming bundles of joy.

Be sure to sign up for our  mailing list to keep up with news, our calendar of events, and store specials.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thank you so much for bearing with us while we make this transition. We are excited to share all the new developments with you, and look forward to seeing you in the store soon!

Our new address:

217 Harwood Rd, Suite 110

Bedford, TX 76021


A More Excellent Elemental?

(Review of the new BumGenius Elemental.)


Most of my stash is BG Elementals from when my 2 year old son was born.  I loved that diaper.  Trim, organic natural fibers, super absorbent, simple to use… pretty much the only complaint I had were long drying times.  So how does it stack up against the new Elemental?  Let’s find out…

What’s Changed?

The old Elemental was made up of (as far as I can tell ) 9 layers of BumGenius’s signature buttery soft organic cotton knit.  There were 3 layers that made up the inner base layer of the diaper and then a “handbag style” soaker made up of 2 separate strips of 3 layers each.  A “handbag style” soaker is one that is sewn down at the front and back like the handle of a purse, not at just one end with the other end flapping free.  (Many thanks to Tiffany of Simple Baby for explaining that term to me.) The body layers were sewn in the front and back and sides of the diaper.  To add absorbency you had to just lay a doubler into the diaper unless you had a very small doubler (like the GroVia booster), then you could tuck it under the handbag-style soaker.

The new Elemental has made some changes to address specific issues with the old Elemental.

  1. No more full body layers.  The new design has gotten rid of the full body layer and simply expanded the handbag style soaker (both longer and wider) so that it covers the body of the diaper from front to back and side to side.  It is no longer sewn into the elastic at the sides. This will eliminate a common complaint from the old Elementals, which is that the cotton would wear holes near where it attached to the elastic and near where the soaker was attached due to increased stress on the fabric at those points.  Additionally, having the elastic in leg casings and not attached to the cotton means replacing the elastic on the new Elementals is as easy as replacing it on the Flip cover.
  2. Quicker drying times.  By eliminating 3 of the 9 layers of cotton but making those 6 remaining layers wider, BumGenius has made the new Elemental quicker drying which saves both time and energy.
  3. Easier to add additional layers.  The new Elemental’s soaker is sewn to the PUL in a way similar to if you sewed a Flip insert to the flaps of a Flip cover.  The result is that there is PLENTY of space under the handbag soaker to add a full-size insert.  Plus, you can now use microfiber because the cotton soaker is wide enough to cover it completely so the microfiber doesn’t touch your baby’s skin.
  4. Trimmer.  I can’t say that this is a huge selling point for me since I will always pick more absorbency over less bulk, this could be a big plus for people who are used to the trimness of disposables or who don’t want to have to size up in pant sizes for their baby.

Despite all these positive changes, I do have a few reservations about the diaper.

  1. Absorbency.  The new Elemental has 6 layers of cotton instead of 9.  These layers are much wider than 6 of the previous 9 layers, so perhaps total absorbency is the same.  I’m not sure.  I will say that I was pleasantly surprised that the new Elemental lasted through a nap on my 2 year old.
  2. Exposed PUL.  This is a big one.  Because the cotton layers are so trim, and not attached to the sides, the soakers do tend to bunch up and leave exposed PUL against my baby’s skin.  He is not allergic to PUL so this isn’t as big of an issue as it could be, but it was still annoying, especially when a couple pieces of poop got stuck under the cotton soaker and ended up bouncing around on the PUL while I tried to shake it into the toilet.  Exposed PUL is also the reason I prefer the (old) organic cotton flip inserts  to the stay dry or the new trimmer cotton flip inserts.  The bulk of the old organic insert (now renamed the Flip Overnight insert) meant the insert held it shape, laying flat and going to the edges of the diaper instead of bunching up.



Will I grow to love the new Elemental as much as the old one?  Maybe.  I plan on adding a few to my stash , but I’m also going to add a few Smart Bottoms AIO’s which are extremely similar to the old Elemental design with full body layers of organic cotton as well as an attached soaker.

Want to try it yourself?  Come into our store or shop our website, www.babiesbottomsandmore.com! (If the listing for the new Elemental is not live yet, give me a day or so to get it up.)


Questions I didn’t answer?  Comment below and I’ll try to answer for you!

Full disclosure: I am a BumGenius retailer.  However all opinions expressed are my own.  I did not receive any compensation for writing this review and purchased the diaper for review myself.

Flip Organic Inserts: Old and New

So what’s up with the new Flip organic inserts?  Let’s go over the packaging changes first, then we’ll compare the actual inserts.


Flip Day Packs used to come with 2 covers and 6 inserts.  Stay-dry (microfiber topped with suedecloth) was one option for $49.95, and Organic (organic cotton inserts) was another option, for $59.95.  Each day pack would get you through 6 diaper changes (assuming you reuse each cover 3 times).  Other Flip insert options were the newborn stay-dry inserts and the disposable inserts (sold separately).


The NEW Flip Organic Day packs come with 2 covers and 8 (not 6) organic cotton inserts, still for $59.95.  So you get 2 more inserts for the same price, but the inserts are thinner.  Which means they’re trimmer, but also less absorbent.  Theoretically, the Organic day pack now has enough inserts for 8 changes, while the stay-dry still represents 6 changes, but to get all 8 changes you would have to reuse each cover FOUR times, which may or may not be realistic, depending on your baby.

bg flip org night 2pk

The OLD Organic Cotton inserts have been renamed the Flip Organic Night-time Inserts and are available in 2-packs for $22.95.  As well as being available in day packs, the new (daytime) organic inserts are available in 3-packs for $19.95, the same price that a 3-pack of the old Organic Inserts, now the new Night-time Inserts, used to be sold for.  Confused yet?  🙂


So, what ARE these inserts?  If you want to see them in person, please come visit Babies Bottoms and More in Farmers Branch, TX on a Tuesday from 10-2 or Saturday from 11-3.  Or you can keep reading… the new organic inserts are made of the same soft and squishy organic cotton as the old organic inserts (this cotton is also used in the Elementals.  It’s divine.)  Instead of being folded and sewn down into a 4 layer thick prefold-sized insert, it is simply one single layer that has been serged around the edges.  More like a flat diaper than a prefold.  Not exactly like a flat, because as you can see in the below photo, the dimensions are not quite the same as the Hemp Babies Flat, but are about twice the size of the old style organic insert.

bg flip old new hempbabies comp

To use the old style organic inserts, you tri-folded (folded it in thirds) and laid it inside the cover.  You’d trifold it one direction for smaller babies, the other direction for larger babies who needed a longer insert.  With the new organic insert, you do the same thing – but you first fold it in half crosswise.  In half, then in thirds.  The photo below shows an unfolded old-style insert next to a new insert that has been folded in half one time.

bg flip old new organic side by side

Because the new insert can unfold completely to a single layer, it will be easier to clean and will dry faster.  However since it also just uses less cotton (when trifolded the new insert has 6 layers of cotton, the old insert had 12) it will be trimmer/less absorbent.  Of course, if you need more absorbency one of the beauties of the Flip system is that you can simply stack two inserts on top of each other and use them BOTH inside the cover.  (I kind of wonder if that’s what they were going for when they bumped the day pack up to 8 inserts… it can be 4 diaper changes for a heavy wetter/older baby and 8 changes for a lighter wetter.) So I guess although I personally am almost always in favor of more absorbency even at the cost of trimness, I can see how the new insert is more versatile especially for moms who really want trimness.  The photo below shows a side view of the old vs new inserts so you can see how much trimmer the new one is.

Old on the left, New on the right

Old on the left, New on the right


So, what do you all think?  Do you like the versatility and trimness of the new insert?  Or do you prefer the simpler folding method of the old one?  Any other thoughts?

January Giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of our December giveaway, the Sheepish Grins holiday soaps, Lindsay Stehno.

(Please excuse the lack of photos. WordPress is being cranky tonight and won’t let me upload any photos. )

You all are going to LOVE our January giveaway – it’s something for Mom! Momma Nature Cashmere Creme ($24.50 value) is the most luxurious hand cream I have ever had the pleasure of using.


Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it:

Unbelievably rich, creamy, moisturizing and gentle! Enriched with organic hemp seed and calendula oils. No chemicals, no parabens, no mineral oils – only pure softness! Can be used on hands, body or face. Gentle enough for the whole family. May be helpful with skin sensitivities. A little goes a l-o-o-o-ng way.

Ingredients are:

Calendula oil, shea nut butter, organic hemp seed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerine, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, aqua, emulsifying wax, potassium sorbate, tocopherol (Vitamin E), grapefruit seed extract.

Now, I have known about this Cashmere Creme for months now. And I read the above description, thought, “Huh, that’s nice” and then immediately thought “But there is no way that I or anyone else would pay almost $25 for a 2 ounce jar of hand cream. But then I heard from another retailer in Missouri that once she put a tester out for moms to try it, they were flying off the shelves. So on a whim, I added one jar to my next order of Jellystone and Grandma El’s. Ordering testers of new products is always a little bit like Christmas. I unscrewed the lid and oh my! the delicious smell! A combination of lavender, chamomile, and some creamy shea with hints of almond.

The best part was yet to come. Have you ever touched a flower petal in the spring? Fresh, cool, impossibly silky? THAT, my friends, is how Cashmere Creme feels on your skin. Light, but luxurious, it leaves your hands feeling intensively moisturized for about five minutes and then soaks in so your hands don’t stay very greasy at all.

We have one jar that you can win, and as soon as I get my tester jar back from my mom, we will have a jar in store so you can try this magic for yourself.

To Enter:

1. Get 1 entry every time you visit the store (and try out the tester too!)

2. Add the item “monthly giveaway” to your cart with any online order this month.

3. Comment here and share your New Year’s Resolution. Mine is that I’m going to spend a few weeks or months decluttering our house, making many trips to Goodwill and filling lots of trash bags with the stuff not even Goodwill wants. Starting wtih the kids’ toys!


Black Friday Winners (and November Giveaway)

It’s been a busy week filling Black Friday online orders and then our Trunk Show on Thursday, so thanks for all your patience!  Below are the winners for the Black Friday giveaways and our November giveaway.  I have listed names where they were written and ticket numbers when they weren’t.  If you are a winner, please email admin@babiesbottomsandmore.com before Monday, December 3 at 9 pm to claim your prize or we will pick another name.  If your original purchase was in-store, you may pick up your prize in-store.  If your original order was online/emailed and you do not live locally please include your shipping address and we will ship your prize to you.

November Giveaway (amber necklace): Tyese Little

Think Baby feeding set: Liesl Raikes

SoftBums AI2 pack: Blessy C.

Osocozy Flats: Kelly Carr

Hemp Babies Hemp Flat: Isela Rodriguez

Jellystone Chocolate Bar Teether: Jade McGraw

Econobum Package: Summer Ross

PlanetWise Sport Bag: Tracy Taylor

Hand-Embellished Burp Cloths: Isela Rodriguez

Rockin Green Diaper Pail Deodorizer: Meghan Jones

PlanetWise Nursing Cover: Jennifer Robertson

Lulu’s Extra Hard Detergent: Kristen Jones


Congratulations, everyone!  This is normally the part where I tell you what this month’s giveaway will be, but my 2 year old got into the super awesome nontoxic nail polish that it was going to be and mixed all the colors of nail polish together.  So give me a few days or a week to figure out if I can get replacements in time or if there’s something else around here that I should give away and save the nontoxic nail polish for another month.  And if you have a similar story to share in the comments so I don’t feel like my kid is the only toddler whose mission it is to use up every single last drop of Mommys’s sanity, that would be much appreciated!  Hey, just goes to show why it’s important to have nontoxic nail polish, right?

Trunk Show Prizes

Thank you to everyone who came to our Holiday Trunk Show (and thank you to all the manufacturers who donated prizes).  I don’t know about you guys, but I had a blast seeing everyone, playing with all my favorite JuJuBe bags, eating mini cheesecake and drinking tea and coffee donated by The Cultured Cup in Addison.


Most of the prizes were claimed by winners who were present, but we still have 3 Unclaimed Beco Minis.  Please check the winning ticket numbers below against your ticket.  To claim your prize, simply bring your winning ticket in to the store any Saturday 11-3 or Tuesday 10-2.  If you’re worried you will lose your ticket before you can make it to the store, you can also text a picture of your winning ticket along with your name and which prize you won to 972.424.4994.  If the tickets I drew had contact info on them I also called and left a message for you, so check your voice mails!

becomini sierra

Beco Mini Tyler – 304518

Beco Mini Paige – 304548

Beco Mini Natalie – 304621


If all goes well I’ll post the Black Friday winners later today!

Black Friday Specials!

Babies Bottoms and More Black Friday Specials:

Babies Bottoms and More will be OPEN on Black Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.  We will NOT be open the following day, Saturday.  Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, November 20.  (And don’t forget our Holiday Trunk Show on Thursday, November 29 from 7-9 pm! Details here: https://www.facebook.com/babiesbottomsandmore#!/events/123576694466287/?fref=ts) If you can’t make it to the store on Black Friday, see below for instructions on how to email your order and still take advantage of sales & participate in giveaways.

We will be doing quite a few giveaways.  With every $10 you spend on Black Friday, you will get one ticket.  Put the tickets in the jar for whatever item you hope to win – all the tickets in one or spread them out to give yourself a chance at winning a bunch!  There is NO LIMIT to the amount of prizes one person can win… drop one ticket in each and you COULD win them ALL!


ThinkBaby BPA Free Stainless Steel Feeding Set, includes 2 bowls with snap-on lids, fork, spoon, cup, and bento box with lid, value $39.99

Rockin Green Diaper Pail Deodorizer, value $7.95

6 pack of Osocozy flat diapers, unbleached 100% cotton, value $9.95

Softbums Echo Shell (Velcro, Blue Aliens) with a NEW Super dry touch pod, value $27.95

PlanetWise nursing cover, value $25

PlanetWise Sport Bag, value $27.95

Hemp babies flat diaper (great to use as a pocket diaper insert too), value $7.95

Econobum package, 1 cover + 2 one-size prefolds, value $12

Bag of Lulu’s Extra Hard detergent, value $14.95

Handmade embellished toddler-size prefolds/burp cloths, value $16

Jellystone chocolate bar teether

And then of course we have lots and lots of things on sale, at prices you won’t see again all year long!  Time to stock up, not only for yourself, but for every baby shower you’ll be attending in 2013! Some of these things have very limited quantities, so come early for best selection!


Undercover Mama nursing tanks 50% OFF! $12.48

Lansinoh Affinity breast pump – 50% OFF AND FREE 25-count milk storage bags, $69.50

Bebe Au Lait nursing covers 40% off, $21.00

Bravado Original nursing bras 20% off, $28.00

Cloth Diapering

Bummis Super Whisper Wraps 40% off – $7.65 each

Bummis organic prefolds (15-40 lbs) 20% off – $22.40/6 pack

Fuzzibunz Diaper Totes 20% off $9.56

Fuzzibunz Minky Inserts 30% off, 3-packs 11.95-12.95

Fuzzibunz One-size Elite Pocket Diapers, Buy 4 Get 2 Free (works out to 13.33 per diaper when you get 6)

Purchase a dozen prefolds or flats and get 1 free snappi or 1 free set of metal head diaper pins

CJ’s products 20% off

CJ’s BUTTer $7.20

CJ’s BUTTer Plus and CJ’s Spritz (for yeast) $7.32

EcoSprout (old packaging) 20% off – $11.96

Rockin’ Green limited edition holiday scent, Classic Rock $11, Hard Rock $12

PlanetWise and Best Bottom products, 10% off

Wet/Dry bags, 18.90

Hanging wet/dry bags, 26.99

Pail Liners, 14.85

Best Bottom Shells, 15.26

Best Bottom Inserts, 3.56 stay-dry, 5.36 hemp

Rumparooz pocket diapers 30% off – 16.45-17.85

EcoPosh one-size fitteds and wool 20% off – 27.96 (fitted) and 31.96 (w00l)

BumGenius Elemental (the one that is NEVER on sale!) 10% off, 22.46


10% off Boba products,

Boba 3G $108-112.50

Sucking Pads $17.99

Boba Air $58.50

Boba Wrap $43.20

Demo ring slings 50% off

Zolowear $44.50

Hava $34.50

Sling Ezee $29.50

40% off discontinued MobyWrap colors and prints

Camo $26.48

Pink Tattoo $27.98

Jade Silk MobyD and Brown Woven MobyD $32.50

CatBirdBaby Babywearing Essentials Mei Tai, 30% off, $48.30

Beco Butterfly, $99!

other stuff

PlanetWise sport bags 40% off, $16.77

Reusable snack bags $2 each!

Scratch Me Nots 50% off – $12.48

Babylegs 50% off – $6.00 a pair

Ju-Ju-Be Be Hip Messenger Bags, 50% off, $40 (limited quantities and shipment has not arrived yet but you can purchase one that is on its way and we will let you know when it is ready for pickup.  No free shipping on this item due to size and weight.)

If you can’t make it to the store but want to take advantage of these deals and giveaways, please EMAIL your order to admin@babiesbottomsandmore.com.  Include the following: Name, shipping address, phone number, what you would like to order, and whether you would like me to send you a Paypal invoice or call you to get credit card info.  If Paypal, please let me know if the address you would like the invoice sent to is different from the email address you are writing from.  I will begin filling those orders on TUESDAY, November 27 in the order they were received.  Emails must be time stamped between Friday, November 23 at 12:01 AM and Monday, November 26 at 11:59 PM for sale prices and giveaways to apply.  In some cases discounts apply to in-stock items only; if your emailed order contains items that are not in stock we will contact you to arrange substitutions.  Priority will be given to in-store purchases… we will not start filling emailed orders until the store is closed for the day.